Sunday, 7 April 2013

Why you should listen to Heart over Brain while making business decisions!

Quote of the Day

“Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don’t fail overnight.
Instead, failure is a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.” – Jim Rohn

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Diversified strategies for a single task

It’s tough to survive in business if you can’t see the multiple ways to do the same thing. What if it’s a do or die situation and the only trick you knew to get this job done didn’t work? Leaving technical aspects apart for few situations, no matter how small or how big the task is, you should have more than one technique at your disposal to make things work in business. If you are not able to find the way out, seek help, you don’t have to go far; there must be someone in your team, in your office who will help you out, don’t hesitate don’t underestimate anyone. You want your job get done, don’t you?

Friday, 3 August 2012

Burden of Number one?

If only No. 1 would have mattered world would have been a dangerous place. Business is not being run by just one percentage of business community. It takes rest 39% to manage the show and another 60% to validate the show.  Being at no. one might be a good idea, but draining all the resources and getting frustrated on the way just to be no one is insane race, doesn’t lead you anywhere. Reaching no. one position is not a big deal but maintaining yourself as a business or individual at no. one position is a challenge. Chase for no. one only if you have made up your mind to stay at no. one.  Being no. one has its own burdens associated with it - the constant performance pressure, vigilant eyes of customers and critics, lack of leisure time, being surrounded by greedy people and associations waiting to grab a pie of success are some. You are not supposed to commit slightest mistake at the apex position, not because things might go grossly wrong, but because of perceived sanctity of the position. You choose. It might be a good idea to focus on the things you do best and try to improve, innovate it, rather that wasting your time money and energy to mindless rat race to no. one position. 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

If you didn’t care till now, this is the time

If you have been like this in relationship dynamics of new and old friends and acquaintances, pause for a moment, step back a bit, shed the translucent screen of reliance, understand the dynamics from a fresh perspective, appraise the situation, face the facts, pleasant or bitter, and take a decision, to continue, to keep a safe distance or to discard, because you have to reinvent such associations from time to time in the light of changed situations, newly emerged influences, new environment, sensing others changed temperament, believes, and attitudes. You might find after situational analysis that you don’t have to change anything at all in the present association dynamics, but if you have to, you can’t afford not to realize it as early as possible. You don’t want to be a victim of ignorance. Even friendship and business associations need recurring validation for a healthy relation to continue. Reality check is name of the game. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

You do need someone to warn you from dangers in business

Call it inertia, call it ignorance or stubbornness, we tend to get caught in our own illusionary perspective of what is a safe business environment and who are trustworthy and dependable people in your domain. You got to acknowledge the fleeting and dynamic nature of relationship in business environment. You got to be aware of the powerful external influences which can alter the perspective and behavior of business stakeholders without you notice or without warning. You have to be conscious, attentive and adaptive to the ever changing business and corporate landscape. No point complaining. Just intuition is not enough; you might need someone or few trustworthy people around you who can validate your intuition. 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dream big but dream wide awake.

Dream today, dream often, but dream with your will not leave it at the mercy of time. Best thing about willful day dreaming is that it’s all yours, no one else knows, there is no limitation on your dream, no boundaries. You realize something only if you dream it first. Don’t delay don’t postpone, do it now, when you are travelling in a public transport, when you are driven in your car, dream in your bed before you are asleep tonight, dream in your bed when you wake up tomorrow, dream when your are sitting idle now, dream if you don’t like something, dream when you really like something, dream of what you think is achievable and dream of what nobody think is achievable. You dream and you realize your dream, only if you dream.